CYMK Genesis

Sistine Chapel


Socrates, the great thinker of ancient times once said “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” So let us imagine that we truly do know nothing. We have no prior experience, no memory of events, objects, people or places. No observations, no perceptions, no beliefs and definitely no opinions.

So, now that you know nothing I’m sure you have many questions. What is this place? Who are you? Who am I? Are these my hands? What are these funny squiggly things I’m looking at? How am I thinking any of this when I don’t know any words?

Unfortunately I’m not here to answer any of these questions, I’m merely the narrator. This is your journey young warrior. A polymathic quest for knowledge and understanding. Following a path laid out since the dawn of society, rekindled by the Renaissance Humanists.

The challenge is to understand everything. To know what something is, what it is not and in what manner it relates to everything else. What is art or music and why do we adore or detest it? What is matter? What is thought? And what is reality?

“Since everything is related, I can start anywhere.
I choose to start in the Bahamas.”

Douglas Adams, 1952-2001


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