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Mario - Made in the 80'sWhile writing a spoof autobiography for yours truly I seem to have strayed a little into the fascinating world of 1982.

The 1980’s was a time of  vibrant cultural revolutions, the birth of the yuppy, the introduction of the power-dressed-big-shoulder-padded business bitch and the post-it note went mainstream. A paradigm shift was well under way, people wanted new beginnings, new experiences, wealth and success.

In 1982 the the airwaves were dominated by Dynasty and Night Rider and in November that year the UK was introduced to it’s fourth terrestrial TV channel.

And in the world of music, the world would be introduced one of the most influential musicians and albums this half of the century. Madonna makes her debut and Michael Jackson would release Thriller.

Check out the below website, what was at number one when you were born. What was the culture like which created you. I was surprised at how many tracks I recognised…

As for the cinema, was this any different? No, ET was raking it in at the box office while Blade Runner, a film now considered to be a cult classic was not doing so well.

In this day and age the transition from obscurity to celebrity and back to obscurity can happen in under five minutes. Perhaps ten minutes if the return goes via reality TV.

It seems to me that even some of the one hit wonders from back them are memorable. Albeit memorably bad. The movies were groundbreaking and the TV programs are now iconic.

However, is this really the case or am I just getting old. Nostagia is setting in and I’ll soon be telling young whippersnappers that “They don’t make ‘em like they used to.”

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