A Brief History of K

The year was 1982. Hairstyles were big. Shoulder pads were bigger.

The streets of England were filled with jiggling Deelyboppers, legwarmer clad teens in Ra-Ra skirts and, let’s face it, you just weren’t cool if you didn’t have a BMX.

As Dustin Hoffman got dragged up and Replicants got hunted down the whole world cried for a short extraterrestrial who shouldn’t have left home without his mobile phone.

The Jam, Culture Club, Paul McCartney and Dexys Midnight Runners were all dominating the music charts. Madonna released ‘Everybody’ from her debut album and the late, great Michel Jackson not only gave the world ‘Thriller’, the best selling album of all time but also brought the music video format to the mainstream.

1982 was a good year. Computing was brought to the home and Channel 4 was launched. A year of incredible innovation and creation giving rise to some of the greatest, most influential music and cinema.

This is where our story begins…